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    Boost your Immune System with Super Strength Vitamin D

    26 October 2021


    Super Strength Vitamin D3 Tablets - 4000iu

    Premium Natural Source Vitamin D3 - helping to maintain a healthy immune system 

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    Super strength vitamin D

    Our Vitamin D3 4000iu is the optimum level recommended by nutritionists to quickly correct deficiency. Vitamin D supplementation can play an important role in correcting Vitamin D deficiency to ensure the maintenance of adequate levels in the body.

    Vitamin D plays a number of crucial roles in the body including providing support for immune health, muscle health and strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D can be obtained through food sources such as eggs, fortified cereals and oily fish, but is predominantly synthesised in the skin through exposure to sunlight - hence why it is often referred to as the 'sunshine vitamin'.

    Most healthy adults should theoretically be able to get enough Vitamin D from being outside in the sunshine, however Vitamin D deficiency is very common throughout the UK. This is as a result of a low level of exposure to sunlight, making Vitamin D synthesis almost impossible during the winter.

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